KHS Secretary General Attends Opening Ceremony of Sheikh Shibeebi Conference

KHS Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Dabbagh, attended the opening ceremony of a conference to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the demise of Sheikh Mohammed Ridha Al-Shibeebi, the famous national leader, at the great hall of the Parliament premises.
The conference was organized by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the Iraqi Academy of Sciences and Bahrul-Uloom Charitable Institution in commemoration of the efforts of Sheikh Shibeebi in many political, parliamentary, academic, literary and educational aspects and his contribution to the foundation of the Iraqi Academy of Sciences.
On the first day, speeches were delivered by the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, the President of the Republic, the representatives of the Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian Parliaments, Iraqi-Turkish Friendship Society, besides Al-Shibeebi family. A documentary film on the life of Shibeebi was played and an exhibition on his career was opened showing the books he wrote and the books written about him. On the second day, the conference moved to Najaf to be held at Bahrul-Uloom Charitable Institution where many speeches were delivered by personalities including representatives from the scientific academies of Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
The scholar, Sheikh Mohammed R. Al-Shibeebi needs no introduction. He was born in Holy Najaf in 1889 and studied there. He took part in fighting the invading British forces in 1914 and in 1920 revolution. He also played a role in crowning Faisal the first, the King of Iraq and in the foundation of the state of Iraq. He occupied many political and religious positions. In 1935, he was elected the speaker of the Senate; in 1944, Speaker of the Council of Representatives; a chairman for the United Popular Front. He was also appointed several times as Minister of Education from 1924 to 1948.
He was elected president for the Iraqi Academy of Sciences, and was a member of the Arab Academies of Sciences in Damascus and Cairo and a member of Iraqi Pen Club. He died in 1965, soon after his return from an Arab conference held in Jerusalem.